sound installation

sound installation, Braga 03 2018

This sound installation was the result of a workshop carried out with children from three of Braga’s social housing estates, during which we intended to make them aware of the sound dimension of the landscapes in which they inhabit. Portable sound recorders were
provided to the participants to get them to listen and record the noises in their neighbourhoods. We presented them with the following sequence of challenges and stages of recording they should follow:
1 The noisiest place in the neighbourhood;
2 The most peripheral site of the neighbourhood;
3 An enclosed space;
4 The calmest place of the neighbourhood;
5 A street, square, or any neighbourhood public space;
6 The garden in their neighbourhood.

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some of the sounds recorded by the participants in stage 1-  The noisiest place in the neighbourhood

some of the participants recording

map of recordings and paths made by various groups of children during one of the sessions