electronic music performance system

main interface

This max patch was made to allow me to perform live electronic music. With it I can improvise in real time from tracks composed in the studio, without breaks. It’s composed of a bunch of home made sequencers and synthesizers, no samples at all. From the main interface I control all the sequences, tracks parts and presets. The sequencers are more or less traditional, but work within a network of relations between them that allow for more interesting structures, making every performance different. For exemple, the main drum sequencer can send to other sequencers, changing the way that sequencer plays. Also, the sequencers have simple probability modules for triggering sounds. The synthesizers are a mixture of different synthesis techniques (for example, some synthesizers combine simple fm modules with simple karplus strong algorithms).
You can listen to a full performance here (1 take, no edits):

drums sequencer

melody sequencer

chords sequencer

extra sequencer (for more free rhythmic syncopations)

percussion synth 2

drums mixer

fm synthsizer 1

synthsizers mixer